Every client and every building is different and your needs will help shape the approach we take. Needless to say we are passionate about creating interiors that are uniquely different. Interiors which are creative, that challenge, inspire and push your design boundaries whilst respecting the property whether that is an older period or listed property or a newer build. We believe in intertwining the past into the present regardless of the age of your property and combining this with first class customer service for both residential and commercial projects. 
The process we generally follow is detailed below and it has been created to ensure that: 

  • We fully understand your requirements and you have complete confidence in working with us. 

  • We get to know your building which ensures that our designs perfectly complement your property.

  • You will have a design which is uniquely different.

  • Our approach is adaptable and personal to you and your project goals.  

  • It is a collaborative process and we encourage you to share your thoughts

The process is staged as follows however our uniquely different service can always be tailored to suit your requirements. 

1. Initial Meeting

This is where we will meet you and your property. It is a chance for you to get to know us and for us to understand what you are looking for in a no obligation, informal manner so that you can share your ideas and dreams with us. 

During this meeting we will go over the stages in more detail and talk about the design brief and the importance it plays in developing your project. 

If you are keen to progress to the next stage we will arrange a design workshop with you to get to the nitty-gritty of your project and also send you a form to complete which will help us get the most out of the workshop.

2. Design Workshop

The Design Workshop is designed to get into the detail of your project. It should be held at your home or the property the project is based on where possible. During the 3 hours we will use the form you completed prior to the session and work through your design aspirations, the requirements for the space, the scope of work and your expectations. It is a great opportunity to assess the work involved and answer any outstanding questions you may.

At this stage it is important to understand your budget, any planning considerations and timescales you are working to. All of this information helps shape your project and our proposal.

Following the Design Workshop you will receive:

  • A detailed proposal outlining the total cost of completing your project which will also be broken down into stages, the payment stages and the timescales involved

  • Inspiration boards representing what we believe to be your style preferences, taking into consideration all the information we have received from you*

The Design Workshop costs £297 (excludes stages 3, 4 and 5)

(Additional travel costs may apply dependent upon the location of your property).

The inspiration boards are designed to enable you to:

  • Visually reflect on your style preferences

  • Identify if there are any designs and styles that you have not considered previously

  • Explore your personality and how this can be extended to your property

  • Validate that we are both on the same page about what you are looking for and which direction we should take the design brief

  • Visualise different design styles and how they could be incorporated into your space before any detailed design work is undertaken and products identified

  • Confirm the budget you have set is right to achieve your design goals

* If it is a commercial property it is equally important to help validate who your target market is and what they might be drawn towards whilst ensuring that your brand shines through.

After your Design Workshop, you can continue working with us and see your project realised. 

Here's what happens after a Design Workshop

3. Site Survey

Once you have approved the proposal, work schedule and paid the first invoice we will come and complete a site survey. 

Irrespective of whether there is any remodelling, extension or reworking of your property a site survey will be undertaken to take detailed measurements and produce any required technical drawings of the rooms involved to help with spatial planning and product selection. 

Detailed analysis of the spaces/rooms is then undertaken to review the layouts to establish the optimum design for each room. It is vital to ensure any items sourced will fit comfortably whilst understanding elements like sun trajectory and how natural light impacts the space. It also allows for any specific measurements to be taken of any furniture that will remain, window dressing requirements etc.

4. Detailed Design

Design concepts are then produced incorporating presentation boards (sometimes referred to as moodboards) and detailed product specifications often called furniture, fixtures, and equipment (or FF&E) which outline the product, price, stockist, delivery time etc. per item selected for each room/area. This is a useful tool to understand how and where the budget would be spent.

The information produced at this stage supports the engagement of suppliers and service providers to turn your dreams into a reality and produce schedules of work for any contractors (builders, plumbers, electricians, bespoke furniture, soft furnishings and curtain makers etc).
Again, we welcome feedback, so if there are any elements that need changing or alternatives sourced we will go through all the information with you to finalise the design. We prefer to do this face to face in a meeting, especially when it comes to looking at samples, but if you would prefer to send feedback by email that is not a problem.

Once the designs are finalised you will receive a pack containing the detailed design concepts and the FF&E. 

5. Project Management


Overseeing the design being turned into a reality is a service we provide and this can be beneficial to ensure the vision we have created comes to life. Should you prefer to undertake this work yourself the design concepts and FF&E will enable you to manage the work yourself. We understand this is often the fun part of the project and something you may want to have direct control over and whilst we would be delighted to help you with it that is very much a personal choice. However, for many, this part of the process can be one long headache and we are here to help.


Whilst good planning can help minimise delays and prevent unknowns there is always the risk of something being delayed or needing to be reordered or unforeseen work needing to be managed and dealing with the impact of this can be difficult, especially if you are trying to juggle a job and life at the same time. We have a wealth of experience in managing projects and would love to take the burden away from you and oversee the work to ensure the design concepts you signed off are realised.


We can not only take charge of the logistics of overseeing the work. Supplying and project managing the decorators and other trade specialists (or working with your preferred trades), ensuring the delivery of all furniture we offer a full turnkey solution. This includes the installation of all furniture items, hanging curtains, artwork, mirrors, installing lighting and dressing and styling the rooms ready for you to return home to.

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