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3D visuals

Interior design concept for a project commissioned by a client to help them see how the interior would look once the interior design concept had been implemented. 

3D visuals, computer generated images, are often produced by architects, property management companies and interior design companies to provide clients with a visual representation of the scheme or project they are working on. Visuals can be a powerful tool when used in conjunction with the other design elements produced to help represent a design concept such as presentation/mood boards, product specifications etc. to bring an scheme/building to life. They are not always necessary when working on an individual room and the client feels they understand the concept but when undertaking a complete home remodelling or renovation, extension or new build they are often considered essential. The visual will not only demonstrate the scheme to the client but they are often included as part of the planning application process to help gain approval, from members of the public and the planning authority.  


Once approval has been obtained the 3D visuals are often then used in the marketing literature and can turn a prospective buyer who’s merely thinking about buying or renting into a sale or a lease signed. When they can truly understand the finished property and imagine themselves living there it is a incredibly powerful tool. Interior designers will often use them to help demonstrate the overall design scheme and the spatial flow of the space. These images were produced by The Collective Agency in Leeds where I worked after completing my degree  in Heritage Interior Design to enhance my computer generated 3D visual skills. The projects depicted include the open plan interior of the living and dining area of a property that formed part of a housing development on Green Belt land that was commissioned by an award winning architectural practice based in Liverpool. The other visuals represent the interiors of a series of apartments including the penthouse bedroom and bathroom that were produced for an investment company based in the heart of Liverpool who deal with high quality residential and student developments.

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