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Our Built Heritage Podcast

This podcast has been on my bucket list for a long time but like anything in life sometimes the longer it takes in its creation the better the result and I hope you agree.

When I talk about Our Built Heritage for me it is about our tangible connection to our history, culture, and identity. These architectural treasures, from historic landmarks to quaint old buildings, tell the stories of our communities and the people who built them.

As we move forward in an ever-changing world, it is crucial to recognise the value of these structures and the stories they hold. By preserving and restoring Our Built Heritage, we not only honour the craftsmanship and artistry of the past but also ensure that future generations can learn from and appreciate these cultural touchstones.

  • Economic Benefits: Heritage sites often become focal points for tourism, driving local economies and creating jobs.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Restoration and adaptive reuse of historic buildings can be more sustainable than new construction, reducing waste and preserving resources.

  • Community Identity: These structures provide a sense of place and continuity, fostering community pride and a shared sense of history.


In each episode I will be speaking to like-minded people who work in the industry or own a traditional and/or listed property to share their experiences with working with an older property. We will talk about how they got into their industry, the spirit of a place and why it is important along with any top tips they have to help you if you are embarking on your own project and we may even dispel a myth or two!


It is a must for anyone embarking on a project or has an interest in Our Built Heritage.

Launch Episode
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