Whilst we offer a full end to end interior design service which includes project managing the work, we understand that not everyone needs this type of support. Our packages have been created to offer you an alternative without the cost or inconvenience of a project managed interior design service. They have been designed to help you with a specific room/rooms or with a problem area or to help you tap into your creativity and give you the confidence to embark on a project that you have been putting off. No matter what your budget, we can help. 



Each client is different and every project is different. We will work with you to ensure that we understand what it is you are trying to achieve. From there you can be as involved in the design process as much or as little as you like. 


The process will always start with needing you to fill in a client profile. It is a simple form which interior designers use to collate information about what it is you are trying to achieve, your likes and dislikes and information about the property. The form will be sent to you along with information on what additional information we will need from you once payment has been made. 

Every question is important so we ask that you answer all of the questions on the client profile. If there is anything that you are not sure about, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


The next step is to take measurements, photos and sketch out a basic diagram of your room, indicating where the windows and doors are. The diagram does not need to be a masterpiece, a rough drawing is enough. So long as we can read it that is all that counts as it will help us to produce a more detailed plan and an amazing interior design concept for you. 


Measuring correctly 

In addition to completing the client profile we will need detailed measurements from you on the room/rooms that we will be working on. When measuring, please use CM or MM and tell us which you are using. 

The below guidance notes will hopefully help you to take accurate measurements: 


  • There are a number of different ways to measure a room and it often depends on whether you are wanting to work out wallpaper, paint, flooring etc. requirements. We ask that you measure the length and width of each wall to the nearest CM or MM.

  • We also need you to measure from the floor to ceiling ignoring the skirting board level and also ignore any cladding or dado rails. 


Windows and doors

  • A number of different measurements need to be taken. 

  • The height of the window/door

  • The width of the window/door

  • The distance between the floor and the window sill 

  • The distance between the top of the window/door and the coving

  • The distance between the top of the window/door and the ceiling

  • The distance from the corner of the internal wall to the edge of the window sill/door on both sides of the window/door


Aspect of the room

  • Understanding what direction your room and window faces and the amount of natural light and shadows created in a space is important. By knowing this it will help us to decide on a suitable colour scheme. 

Lighting and electrics

  • Unless you have decided to completely remodel your room then please add to the diagram of your room and note on the plan where your sockets and switches are.

  • Please also include any wall lights.

Other fixtures and fittings

  • If you have any permanent features such as built in book cases, fireplaces or radiators please also note these on the diagram and include dimensions. We would rather receive more information and measurements to work from than less to enable us to accurately draw your room.


  • We will also need photos of your room to help us get a greater understanding of the space we are working with. If you could include finer details of your room for example skirting boards, windows, doors, ceiling roses and any other features in your room you feel we should be aware of. 


Existing furniture

  • Any furniture that you would like to keep should have a photo and measurements taken and included in your email to us. 


What else? 

  • Any images you have of interiors, your favourite top or possession or a piece of furniture that inspires you will help us to get to know you better so please include in your email. 



  • Once we have received your request we will send you an invoice, contract, client profile and detailed information on what we need from you to start the process. Upon receipt of payment and you have signed the contract, we will be in touch to arrange our first call. 


Your package

  • Once we have gone through the design process and you are completely happy with it you will receive a pdf package detailing the design concept and shopping list via email so that you can begin working on your project. 


  • We appreciate there might be the need to select alternative products and this has been catered for in the packages. If the number of revisions requested is over the allocated amount or increases beyond what is considered reasonable an additional fee may be required.

Post meeting support

  • We appreciate there can be a lot to take in and you might need time to digest everything. The post meeting support via email means you can contact us and ask questions relating to the proposals within the specified timeframe based on the package selected. This is to ensure that you are completely happy with everything detailed in the packs you receive. If the number of emails or questions increases beyond what is considered reasonable an additional fee may be required.


If you have any questions once we have finished working together please get in touch. 

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