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I feel that it is incredibly important to fully understand the history of a period or listed property in order to get to understand its character.


Who lived there? What was it used for? How was it originally decorated? How has it evolved over time? and other similar questions.


The answers to these questions will help bring the property to life. I want to get to know the building as well as you so that I can understand the needs of both and how they fit together. Only then can I create an interior design scheme that blends these needs and delivers something truly special.


Research can either be included as part of a wider project where I am providing a complete interior design service, or I can carry out research separately. This could be used to support a wider initiative that you may be undertaking. For example, to help you understand the historical importance of the property and its value to your business and the local community. Or, if you are thinking about remodelling or renovating your property my research can help you understand your property better before committing to any changes. This information will also help support any planning applications, especially when things like a heritage statement is needed.

“I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.” 

Pablo Picasso

Traditional Library

I appreciate you may have questions so I have pulled together some frequently asked ones for you and tried to answer them. Hopefully they help but if you would rather have a chat I would love to hear from you.  

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