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Residential Property, Roundhay

Interior design concept for the living room, master bedroom and bathroom in a traditional Victorian property in Harrogate.

The property was a gorgeous Victorian semi-detached house in Harrogate with fantastic proportions and detailing that you would expect from a property of this age. 


The design brief was to turn the main living room into an elegant, sumptuous space where the client could retire to in the evenings. A large, integrated audio-visual solution was created within the wood panelling to ensure that it was discrete and would not dominate the space whilst ensuring the period detailing played centre stage in this room. 

On the top floor it was important to create a master bedroom which can accommodate a degree of storage both within the bedroom and in the newly created dressing area using the existing ensuite footprint. A larger bathroom will be created by reconfiguring the guest bedroom which will have a new window and access point. The remaining bedroom would be slightly altered to help accommodate the bathroom and provide an access point into this room. 

When developing the design concepts consideration was given to the wider home, lifestyle and personality of the client along with the architectural detailing of the property to ensure there was cohesion and fluidity between the spaces. It was important to ensure there was authenticity and personality in the spaces whilst having a timeless elegance. 


This is a wonderful project which demonstrates that work can be undertaken in phases once the design concepts have been created ensuring there is a clear vision of what it will look like once it is all completed but work can be scheduled to suit. 

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