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Residential Property, Headingley

Full interior design concept for the building in a conservation area. 

This project was commissioned to propose a design scheme for the old dairy at the rear of the client’s property. It dates from c1940 and was built from brick in the typical manner common amongst those style of buildings. It used to form part of a dairy, established by Richard and Edith Walker. The couple washed, sterilised, refilled and capped the milk bottles from the building. 

In order to make the old dairy habitable structural work is required to remove the asbestos roof and make it water and airtight. Insulation is also required throughout the property and the installation of a water supply and drainage system. Due to the work required and the property’s location planning permission is required as it falls within the conservation area.


Access to the old dairy is either via the main house or the side alley, allowing the property to have its own private access. The client is keen to undertake the work that will provide a potential additional income by either renting out the house and residing in the renovated old dairy or renting the old dairy out as a self-contained bijou unit or office.


The brief was to propose a scheme that would maximise the amount of available space and light and provide clear zones. Integrated storage and the use of all available surfaces was integral to the scheme to ensure there was adequate storage whilst balancing this with the small dimensions so that it did not feel claustrophobic. It had to feel comfortable and homely whilst reflecting the client’s tastes and introducing elements that pushed their design boundaries.


This was a unique and exciting opportunity to work on something that was so small in scale but that needed to be big in terms of visual impact. Reflective materials and the introduction of wall lighting and colours ensured it packed a punch.

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