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Residential Property, Liversedge

Interior design concept for the living room.

The client had lived in the property for a number of years and was looking for design ideas for the living room which she felt had lost a sense of its identity. She was keen inject some life and personality into the space whilst working with a number of existing components and respecting the age of the property. 


The client had a clear idea of what she did not like but was looking for guidance on how to create a cohesive scheme that pushed her design boundaries. It was to feel like a grown up space, elegant and bold whilst encapsulating a cosy feel and somewhere the family could come together. 


The living room was a good size with charming details such as the coving and ceiling rose.

The feedback received from the client was a glowing affirmation that the design met their design brief.


"When I approached Alexis with my "I kind of know / don't know what I want" brief she just smiled and offered to help.


I'm not a pop into Next and buy a whole display, thats my room done kind of girl, I wanted personality and individuality injecting into it. After our consultation and my home visit everything just fit into place. I wanted our main room to be a cosy den, an adult space, dark but not drab with a pop rich with colour, girly gentleman's club vibe. The style sheets provided were easy to use, filled with inspiration and links to great products. I'm so busy with work, this process took a weight off my mind, gave me more free time and I'm so pleased with the results.

"Alexis is fun to work with and is really creative, I would highly recommend."

Kay, Liversedge

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