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Residential Property, Collingham

Interior design concept for the living room.

The client had lived in their home for a number of years but had decided to take the plunge and have extensive building work done. The bungalow was to be given a second floor with two bedrooms and a bathroom. On the ground floor a utility room was to be created with a downstairs WC from an underused box room. The kitchen was being remodelled and the living room was to have the chimney stack and 1960’s style fireplace removed which meant the room would gain a flat wall, extra feet and become a rectangular room.


The design brief was to work in the living room to propose a scheme that would compliment the wider alterations whilst remaining a space in its own right. Personality and colour was to be injected into the room and a new focal point created. The client was keen to have a stove fireplace. There was a degree of flexibility as to which wall this could be located on as there were two external walls where the outlet pipe could be attached.


The client has a passion for travelling and has collected some amazing pieces of artwork and fabrics from around the world. These items provided a great insight into the client’s tastes and preferences for colours.


It was important that the design reflected the personality of the client whilst producing something completely different to what they may have come up with themselves. The room benefits from patio doors and small side windows either side of the doors, providing a good amount of natural light. This allowed for a bolder colour palette to be adopted. The space would feel warm and inviting rather than dark and oppressive. Combining different textures and materials softened the space and introduced the client’s love for organic and raw materials. The selection of the product, and the cushions in particular, really resonated with the client’s quirky personality and her love of animals.


The feedback received from the client was a glowing affirmation that the design met their design brief.

“I asked Alexis to come and give me some inspiration for my sitting room. She is very approachable and easy to chat with. She asked me for any thoughts I had or if there were any significant items I would want to be part of the scheme. Alexis had some innovative ideas and maintained constant contact, ensuring that her ideas and planning would suit my needs and provide me with the sitting room to complement my home and lifestyle.

Thank you so much Alexis. I really appreciate all your time and inspirational design.

I would happily recommend Alexis anytime.”

Dandy, Collingham

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