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Room styling: Do they help to style your home or do you find you have to buy it all?

If like me you are a fan of Friend’s then you will know the episode with Pottery Barn. Rachel is not happy until she has recreated the living room from the brochure in her apartment. Whilst Pheobe tries to stand firm that she hates all things modern and anything that doesn’t have a story to tell but she too falls into the trap of needing to have “that lamp”.

I am all for using the layouts produced to display the products available in shops for inspiration, but to slavishly recreate them I feel your inner creativity is not being tapped into and your personal style unleashed.

Use them instead as a launched pad to see how to blend different textures and colours and different shaped pieces of art or furniture but then please try to go it alone. Only then will you create a space that is truly you and something that meets your every need and design desire. Or if you do not feel comfortable with that, seek the advice of an interior designer. We will at least get to understand you and your personality and create something truly special AND unique for you. It will not look like page 42 of the X magazine or the exact arrangement you have seen in Y store. Places like Ikea and Homesense, which I love by the way, are wonderful places to be inspired especially in the case of Homesense where you can often find some individual treasures but the settings on display should not be slavishly followed.

Style is so personal, so why not create your own sense of style and not make someone else’s fit you. That to me is the joy and pleasure in making a purchase and then thinking, I know exactly where that is going to go or buying that crazy, impulse purchase which is the catalyst for your entire room and everything then works around it. When time is precious it is all to easy to go with what you see in a magazine, shop or on Pinterest and also what is trending but that is not what our generation should be about. We should be embracing the past and present and putting our stamp on it in our own unique way.

If you do find yourself needing some inspiration or simply want to chat through your design ideas then please give me a call. But if you feel happy going it alone then I encourage you to get out there and get creating, you can do it! I would love to hear from you on how your project went so do get in touch.


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